TOP club

1. Anybody who participates in at least thirty (TOP CLUB "30"), twenty five (TOP CLUB "25"), twenty (TOP CLUB "20"), fifteen (TOP CLUB "15"), ten (TOP CLUB "10") or at least five (TOP CLUB "5") CZECH OPEN chess festivals is becoming a member of TOP CLUB CZECH OPEN. He (she) is entitled to rights of the club member at his (her) twentieth, fifteenth, tenth or fifth participation.

2. By participation for this purpose is meant starting in some of the main nine-rounds tournaments which are played with the rate of play min. 2 hours for a game and a player.

3. No duties or obligations arise from membership in TOP CLUB CZECH OPEN for the members.

4. Rights of TOP CLUB CZECH OPEN members may differ in each individual festival year, therefore they will be always informed in advance.

5. This year members of TOP CLUB CZECH OPEN have following rights and advantages (in case of their participation in one of the tournaments A,B,C,30+):

Advantages for members of TOP CLUB CZECH OPEN: TOP CLUB "30" TOP CLUB "25" TOP CLUB "20" TOP CLUB "15" TOP CLUB "10" TOP CLUB "5"
discount on corresponding starting fee in tournaments A,B,C,30+ 30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5%