Open Tournament in FOLKY® (chess mini game)

20th July 2024


Organizer: AVE CHESS z.s.

Tournament director: Petr Doubek

Right of participation: players without age and performance limitation

Rate of game: 2x 15 min + 30 s / move

System of tournament: Swiss system of 7 rounds

Prizes: material, financial, prizes for juniors

Starting fee: 100 CZK / player (players with FM, WFM, IM, WIM, GM and WGM title free of charge)



Saturday 20. 7.





1st – 7th round



results announcements

(tournament system and schedule can be adjusted depending on the number of players)

Basic information about the game

FOLKY® is a chess mini game where some chess pieces and a chessboard are used. The game is intended for all chess players and of abstract games fans.

Game rules:

Game samples:, ,


Complete on-line your obligatory applications together with accommodation orders by 30th June 2024 on or send them by e-mail to

Adress: Playing halls, place of registration, result announcement will be in congress centre IDEON, Jiraskova 1963, 530 02, Pardubice, Czech republic