Open Tournament in FOLKY® (chess variant)

17th – 29th July 2023

Organizer: AVE-KONTAKT s.r.o. in cooperation with Petr Doubek author of the game

Basic information about the game:


Presentation FOLKY® chess variant

17th - 18th July and 24th - 25th July 2023, 13:00 -18:00
We welcome people interested in board games to learn about a new game with chess pieces developed in Czech republic. We can discuss about the game, play or organize mini tournament.


Open Tournament FOLKY® chess variant

29th July 2023, 9:30 – 14:30    
Tournament director:
Petr Doubek
Right of participation:
players without age and performance limitation

Rate of game: 2x 15 min + 30 s / move

System of tournament: Swiss system of 7 rounds

Financial prizes: 40 %, 25%, 20 % and 10 % of total amount starting fee

Starting fee: 300 CZK / player


Saturday 29.7.2023




10:00 – 14:00

1st – 7th round



Results announcements

Adress: Playing halls, place of registration, result announcement will be in congress centre IDEON, Jiraskova 1963, 530 02, Pardubice, Czech republic