L – Bughouse

L – Open championship of the Czech Republic of bughouse

23 July 2022

Right of participation: pairs of players without age and performance limitations

Playing rules: Two pairs play against each other on two chess boards with 2 chess clocks. 2 team mates always sit beside each other and play with contrary colours. When one of them picks up a stone, he will give it to his partner. If the player is on move, he can either move a stone on the chess board or put the stone from the hand to a free square. Team loses if it is in checkmate or exceeds time. The game is draw as long as it finishes as draw on one of the chess boards. The game is not „touch-move“ but „clock move“, that is, the move is not considered to be made until the player hits his clock. The pawn is on last rank promoted to Queen or Knight, but its only temporary until is removed from board. A player may not hide captured pieces from your opponent. Full communication between partners is allowed. More detailed rules can be found here

Tournament system: according to the number of participants

Rate of game: 2 x 2 min + 2 s / move (so-called Bronstein system)

Material prizes for participants

Starting fee is given in EUR (payments in CZK and USD possible):

a pair of players without GM,IM,WGM or WIM title 8.5
a pair of players out of which one has the title GM,IM,WGM or WIM 4
a pair of players out of which both have the title GM,IM,WGM or WIM 0

Discounts: young players up to 18 years of age, seniors over 65 years of age and women have 25% discount, these discounts are not added up

Applications for this tournament are not registered and it is possible to register for it only on the day of launching of the tournament.

Time schedule of the Tournament:

Friday 22 July 15.00–20.00 bughouse gathering
Saturday 23 July 8.00–8.30 registration

  9.00–13.30 individual rounds

  14.00–14.15 presentation of results

Place: Registration, presentation of results and all games will take place at the IDEON congress centre