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The winner of main grandmaster tournament is Jiří Štoček, followed by Viktor Láznička and Sergei Movsesian. Congratulations!!!

GM Jiří Štoček won his last game against Deepan Chakkravarthy J from India and became the 30th champion of main tournament of Czech Open. Congratulations!

GM Sergei Movsesian won the rapid chess tournament and is one of the favourites of the main grandmaster tournament.

The second best czech chess player, Viktor Láznička, is playing in the main tournament.

The main tournaments are slowly coming to the end.

The winner of open Championship of the Czech Republic of 4-member team is the team ŠK Zikuda Turnov A.

Prestigious European Youth Team Chess Championship opened this year's festival.

Arena in Pardubice is full as every year.

One of the most represented games was GO.
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