I – Blitz KO Tournament

I – Open blitz KO tournament

25 July 2022

Right of participation: players without age and performance limitations

System of tournament:
1. Swiss system of 11 rounds rating for blitz ELO FIDE as the qualification, 8 best players will get on, rate of game: 2x 3 min + 2 s / move, criteria: 1. number of points, 2. Buchholz Cut 1, 3. Buchholz, 4. Sonnenborg-Bergen, 5. the greater number of games played with black
2. KO system which 8 players will take part, who will be set according to qualification position, two games 2x 3 min + 2 s / move (changes of colours), in case of draw 3rd game will be played (colours will be assigned by drawing lots) with the black time 4 min for a game, the white time 5 min for a game, in case of draw third game the black is winner
a) quarterfinal (4 pairs)
b) semifinal
c) final and match 3rd –4th

Tournament prize fund (financial prizes in CZK, payment in EUR possible): 5.000 CZK altogether

1. 2.000
2. 1.500
3. 1.000
4. 500

Starting fee is given in EUR (payments in CZK and USD possible):

players without GM,IM,WGM and WIM title 6.5
GM, IM, WGM and WIM 0

Discounts: young players up to 18 years of age, seniors over 65 years of age and women have 25% discount, these discounts are not added up

Fees for rating of the tournament results for blitz ELO charged according to the economic directive of the Chess Federation of the Czech Republic (0,5 EUR for a player) are not included in the starting fee and will be paid by participants during the registration.

Applications for this tournament are not registered and it is possible to register for it only on the day of launching of the tournament.

Time schedule of the Tournament:

Monday 25 July 8.00 - 8.30 registration
9.00 - 13.30 individual rounds
14.00 - 14.15 presentation of results

Place: Registration, presentation of results and all games will take place at the IDEON congress centre