Abstract games festival

CZECH OPEN 2023 - 10th Festival of abstract games & IQ puzzles 

22nd – 25th July 2023

Organizers: International Grandmaster David Kotin in cooperation with AVE-KONTAKT s.r.o. 

Rules of individual games and other information: http://www.mankala.cz/, https://abaku.org, http://www.czechopen.net 

Festival consist of open playing, small tournaments and other activities. We have dozens of abstract games for you to play. Some are from boxed sets while many can be played on our home made boards. We can organize tournaments in any of the games we have available for interested players.

This festival will show you the variety, strategy and tactics of many different abstract strategy games including such popular categories as dama variants, chess variants and Mancala games etc while encouraging you to train your brain by playing more than just one favourite game. Hopefully, you will learn how useful it is to learn many new and different ideas which help develop your imagination and creativity.


A) Open playing

Open playing is playing for fun and is available during the entire festival.

B) Tournaments

Official tournament in ABAKU

ABAKU is the best counting game in the Universe. Find out yourselves. You are putting numbers on the board and you create mathematical equations. For example you can use 1234, to get points for 12:3=4, but inside there is also 1+2=3 so you get points for this too.

Tournament will be held on Sunday 23rd July from 10am. First prize will be Abaku cubes, small material prizes for other participants. You can register on email hana.kotinova@abaku.org 

Official tournament in Othello

Othello has easy rules. A move consists of "outflanking" your opponent's disc(s), then flipping the outflanked disc(s) to your colour. To outflank means to place a disc on the board so that your opponent's row (or rows) of disc(s) is bordered at each end by a disc of your colour.

Tournament will be held on Sunday 23rd July from 4pm. We expect 5 minutes superblitz combined with disc flipping competition. There will be some material prizes for winners. You can register on email othello@mankala.cz

C) Mini tournaments and other activities

The competitive souls have chance to play many games simultaneously, or they can play tournament in any game they find on our tables.

We can discuss together your suggestions to new games or game variants.

And we also welcome people interested in non-board games activities. So you will find some brainteasers, ciphers etc. on our tables too.

Playing halls, place of registration, accommodation and secretariat:
IDEON congress centre, Jiraskova 1963, 530 02, Pardubice, Karla IV. Bus stop - connection from the railway station by bus No. 6 or 8 (5th stop)