Nubulus World Championship

1	David		Kotin		USA	7
2 Lars Terstal GER 5
3 Fabrizio Berrone ITA 5
4 Sebastian Limböck GER 3.5
5 Tomas Vrzal CZE 3.5
6 Sven Terstal GER 3
7 Tom Raiman CZE 3
8 Vladislav Luzhetsky RUS 2
9 Borut Ruzic SLO 2
10 Etta Tida Terstal GER 1
11 Iryna Kukelko UKR 0
12 Paul Schmidt GER 0
13 Mike Maul GER 0
14 Mike Scheidt GER 0

Players reactions:

"This abstract strategy game is both subtle and profound: can be played on different 
levels of skill by beginners/inexperienced players as well as by strong players or masters.
This game contains elements of chess and draughts and can be enjoyed by a wide population
with an analytical mind. Play can be strategic as well as combinative as long range is required
at the highest level. Plenty of tricks/traps are present in the opening and throughout
the entire game. Endings can be instructive as well."
- Abstract strategy specialist David Kotin
"This game is fun."
"This game might replace checkers."
"Very interesting game :)"
"Some new as chess. I think I can play it every day vs new opponent."