T – Thematic tournament

T – Thematic tournament – Cochrane gambit 1. e4 e5 2 Nf3 Nf6 3. Nxe5 d6 4. Nxf7

30th July 2016

Right of participation: players without age and performance limitations

Tournament system: 7 rounds by Swiss system

Criteria used for ranking:
1. number of points
2. median Buchholz
3. Buchholz
4. number of wins
prizes are distributed according to Hort system (among 3 top players)

Rate of game: 2x 10 min + 5 s/move

Tournament prize fund (financial prizes in CZK, payment in EUR possible): 3.000 CZK altogether

1. 1.500
2. 1.000
3. 500

Material prizes for all participants

Starting fee is given in EUR (payments in CZK and USD possible):

players without GM, IM, WGM and WIM title 2
GM, IM, WGM and WIM in classical chess 0

Applications for this tournament are not registered and it is possible to register for it only on the day of launching of the tournament

Time schedule:

Saturday 30th July 08.30 - 09.00 registration
Saturday 30th July 09.30 - 12.30 tournament
Saturday 30th July 13.00 - 13.15 presentation of results

Place: registration, results announcement and all games at the Tipsport arena