E - Team Tournament

E - Open Championship of the Czech Republic of 4-member team tournament with rating for FIDE and DWZ, Ing. Svatoslav Zahorovsky´s memorial tournament

11th - 14th July 2019

Right of participation: 4-member teams with max. of 2 substitutes composed of players without age and performance limitations

System of tournament: Swiss system of 7 rounds, teams are set according to average ELO of the first 4 players presented on the list, the team bears the name of the chess club which has more than half players as members or federation whose members are all players, on the list may be max. 6 players who have been arranged according to their approximate efficiency, it is not necessary to register foreigners or have permission for hosting player, if a substitute starts, individual chessboards are shifted. It is not permitted to change or complete the list during the contest.

Criteria used for ranking:
1. number of the match points (win = 2 points, draw 1 point, defeat 0 points)
2. number of game points (score)
3. sum of the board points of all team's opponents
4. sum of the board points of all opponents defeated plus one half of the board points of all the opponents with which a tied result was achieved
5. sum of the board points of all the team's opponents, excluding the opponent who scored the highest number of board points and the opponent who scored the lowest number of board points

By the unpaired lot a team will obtain 2 match points and 50% of points to the score. If an opponent does not come out, a team will obtain 2 match points and 100% of points to the score.

Prizes for teams, which have the same number of match and game points, are distributed according to Hort system (among such number of players corresponding to number of advertised prizes)

Rate of game: 2 x 1,5 h + 30 s / move

Waiting time in case of late coming is 1 h

Tournament prize fund (financial prizes in CZK, payment in EUR possible, from prizes in excess of 10.000 15% tax will be deducted): 50.000 CZK altogether

1. 15.000
2. 10.000
3. 7.000
4. 4.000
5.-6. 3.000
7.-8. 2.000

Special financial prizes:

best teams with average ELO 1900 - 2099, 1700 - 1899 and < 1700 (average ELO is counted according to ELO 4 best rated players) and the best team comprising only women will obtain in each of these categories 1 000 CZK

Starting fee is given in EUR (payments in CZK and USD possible):

starting fee for team 66,5
team whose list of players contains only women 50,0
team whose list of players has only players with GM, IM, WGM and WIM titles or with ELO FIDE >= 2400 0

Fees for rating of the tournament results for ELO charged according to the economic directive of the Chess Federation of the Czech Republic (10,5 EUR for a team) are not included in the starting fee and will be paid by participants during the registration.

Late registrations: Those teams whose application will be registered after 15th June 2019 will pay additional charge of 8,5 EUR.

Time schedule of the Tournament:

Wednesday 10th July 20.00 - 22.00 registration
Thursday 11th July 10.00 - 15.30 registration
Thursday 11th July 17.00 1st round
Friday 12th July 10.00 2nd round
Friday 12th July 16.00 3rd round
Saturday 13th July 10.00 4th round
Saturday 13th July 16.00 5th round
Sunday 14th July 08.00 6th round
Sunday 14th July 14.00 7th round
Sunday 14th July 19.00 presentation of results

Place: Registration, solemn presentation of results and all games will take place at the CSOB pojistovna arena