Abstract games festival

CZECH OPEN 2019 - 9th Festival of abstract games & IQ puzzles 

11th - 18th and 23rd - 27th July 2019

Organizers: International Grandmaster David Kotin in cooperation with AVE-KONTAKT s.r.o. 

Rules of individual games and other information: http://www.mankala.cz/, http://www.czechopen.net

Festival consist of open playing, small tournaments and other activities. We have dozens of abstract games for you to play. Many are from boxed sets while some can be played on our home made boards. We will organize tournaments in any of the games we have available for interested players.

This festival will show you the variety, strategy and tactics of many different abstract strategy games including such popular categories as dama variants, chess variants and Mancala games etc while encouraging you to train your brain by playing more than just one favourite game. Hopefully, you will learn how useful it is to learn many new and different ideas which help develop your imagination and creativity.


A) Open playing

Open playing is playing for fun and is available during the entire festival. You can play daily usually from the late morning to early evening.

Participation is free of charge.

B) Tournaments 

We will be very pleased if you participate by playing in one or more of our tournaments. Virtually all of the games on offer are easy to learn yet challenging. For example, try Octi, Oska, Teeko, Borderline etc. Suitable time limit to enable players to record games as needed.

Arimaa, Borderline, Octi, Oska, Retsami, Teeko, Poly-Y etc tournaments might take place from 21 - 29 July depending upon the interests of players and when they are available. Players can compete when they have time; for example, chess players can play before or after their main tourney game. You can even play during your main tourney game but this isn't recommended for obvious reasons! For those spectators and players with free time, please come and visit our games stall. You will be pleasantly surprised by the variety and depth of these (usually) easy to learn abstract strategy games.

Othello tournament may take place on 16th July, same time as Turkish Mangala in Mancala Festival. 

C) Author’s competition

Do you have idea(s) for a new game or variant of an already existing game? Let us know. If your creation of a new abstract strategy game is really unique and not yet published, feel free to enter our competition as you may win a material prize.

D) Sample of games available during your free time. Inventors & designers are listed!

All the King's Men - Perry Grant
Arimaa - Omar Syed (U.S.A.) - all you need is standard chess board and pieces!
Boku - Rob Nelson (U.S.A.)
Borderline - R. Haysman (U.K.)
Capt'n Kidd - Gunter Cornett (Germany)
Chinese Chess (Xiangqi)
Dvonn - Kris Burm (Belgium)
Mudcrack Y & Poly Y - Professor Charles Titus & Craige Schensted (U.S.A.)
Nine Men's Morris - traditional game
Octi - Professor Don Green (U.S.A.)
Order & Chaos - Professor Sniderman (U.S.A.)
Oshi - Tyler Bielman (Canada)
Oska - Bryn Jones & Michael Woodward Creations (U.K.)
Othello Goro Hasegawa - (Japan)
Oware & variants - Africa etc
Retsami - John Wildsmith (U.K.)
Shogi - Japanese Chess
Siam - Didier Dhorbait (France)
Star Chess - Laszlo Polgar (Hungary)
Teeko - John Scarne (U.S.A.)
Toguzkumalak/Toguz Korgool - Kazakhstan/Kyrgyzstan national mancala game
Zertz - Kris Burm (Belgium)

We expect some inventors to attend Czech Open, thus, giving you ample time to "test" some of their creations. Perhaps, we will run tournaments in such games if players are sufficiently interested. Marek Lukaszewicz of Poland,  some Czech inventors and hopefully, others will be on hand sometime during Czech Open. Please feel free to meet them and learn about their games. Almost all will be of the Abstract Strategy Game (ASG) variety. If you design or create a new (ASG) game, please submit prototype or a good copy of your game with accurate rules and relevant diagrams and you might win some material prize! 

Place of registration, accommodation, secretariat and playing halls:
CSOB pojistovna arena, Sukova trida 1735, Pardubice, connection from the railway station by trolleybus No. 3 and by bus No. 10, 16 and 17 (4th stop)